There is no more active development on MyBlitzortung by me (Tobias), but maybe by others! You can still use it, but I can not provide support. Additionally you now need an API key to use Google Maps!

You have to create a Google Maps Account here and provide billing information (it's still free for 28500 map calls per month). Then add the API key in your config.php with this config option: define('BO_GMAP_PARAM', 'key=XXXXXXXXXX');

MyBlitzortung is a web application for the members of Blitzortung.org. It is written entirely in PHP and allows a wide range of displaying and visualization of lightning data on your own homepage. The data is imported automatically and can be displayed according to your wishes.

Full documentation is only available for participants (please login)!


  • Display the strikes on Google Maps (Graphics, no raw data!)
  • Adjustable zoom levels within and outside a radius around the station
  • Create own maps as a PNG image
  • Archive: Find the last 10 strikes starting from a point on the map (No search for time possible)
  • Archive: Strike maps and animations for a particular day
  • Calculation and display of lightning densities (monthly, annually), also per station
  • Various statistics as text and graphics
  • Graphs with signals of your station and some data about the strikes
  • User area: Elimination of the restrictions (for friends, family, others – no registration for everyone!)
  • Strike alerts as email, SMS or URL-call (individually configurable)
  • Automatic determination of the orientation of the antennas
  • Very experimental: rough determination of positive / negative lightning
  • Automatic linking with other stations which are using MyBlitzortung
  • Multi-Language
  • Runs as a standalone application or integrated into an existing PHP site (a little knowledge of PHP required)
  • Extensive configuration options
  • Note: It's not possible to show real time lightning with MyBlitzortung!