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Lightning network statistics

Period: 1h 2h 6h 12h 24h 48h 72h 96h 

  • Senast uppdaterad: 2,014 minuter sedan
  • Summa antal blixtar: 2,368
  • Max antal deltagare per blixt: 119
  • Medelantal deltagare per blixt: 41.5
  • Medel lokaliseringsratio: -
  • Medel blixtratio: -
  • Summa antal signaler: 0
  • Aktiva stationer: 7 (0 utan GPS)
  • Available stations: 7


Here you can see all active stations of the lightning detection network. You can sort the table by clicking on the links in the first row.

Pos. PCB Land Stad Distance Blixtar/h Signaler/h Effektivitet
Antal Andel Antal Andel
219.5United States / ColoradoConifer-00.0%00.0%0.0%
319.5United States / CaliforniaSan Ramon-00.0%00.0%0.0%
519.5United States / OhioBluffton-00.0%00.0%0.0%
619.5United States / WashingtonRice-00.0%00.0%0.0%
719.5United States / West VirginiaMorgantown-00.0%00.0%0.0%

Nya stationer

Antal aktiva stationer

Active stations are sending signales and participate actively in the lightning detection network. Available stations are currently offline, because of technical difficulties and so on.

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